It is easier for us to be fooled by the assumption that because we have a large number of followers, we are really IMPACTING something better into their lives. The size of your followers does not necessarily mean you are making a meaningful impact in their lives. 
It is really awkward for us to focus on numbers and not personal growth. Yes, numerical growth is a good thing but does it automatically mean we are really helping others achieve their potentials? 

It came to my notice the first time I read the entire New Testament that, Jesus Christ never wanted to be that famous not to even talk about having a small number of disciples.

It is easy for us to measure ministerial success by the size of our congregation but if I may ask, when did the size of congregation began to determine our ministerial success. If it be so, then Christ failed in His earthly ministry. 

We have abandoned our destinies for a quest of becoming famous. We have neglected those that we need to help most all because they seem to be irrelevant in a way to our of been famous. 

But does it really matter if the size of my congregation is 12 souls? Does the small number of souls I shepherd NULLIFY the power of God from operating? Is God now only interested in helping and manifesting His glory in large congregations?

Are all our fingers equal? If not: why then do we all want to have massive souls in our churches? What if that 6 or 7 souls you have is all God intended for you to KEEP WATCH OVER? Does it change anything for us to have few souls following us?  

I remember Jesus commanding us to make disciples. But trust me, today’s Christianity is all about numbers, mega buildings and divinations. 
I can bet with my life that if we were to focus on IMPACTING our followers but not the numbers, Christianity would have done a great job at the GREAT COMMISSION because from my point of  view, we have failed miserably.


1. Challenge followers to find creative ways to do their routine works and job. 

2. Ask followers to set achievable goals for their lives.

3. Help followers find their true self through counselling.

4. Ask followers to take on new and challenging projects.

5. Develop a learnable and always learning  spirit into your followers. 

6. Help followers plan their future through counselling and teachings. 

7. Gently correct followers when they go astray and have enough patience to guide them back. 

8. Always remember followers of their victories and never talk about their failures or short comings.

9. Be instrumental in their lives but never try to be the ultimate means to their progress in life. 

10. Assure followers you are always willing to help them in every situation.

it’s time we focus on how to help those that God has given us to grow rather than just growing the numbers in our churches. 

We are definitely on Earth to impact something unto the next person beside us. We are failures if we die without affecting someone else live positively.

Having a few followers but enlightened in the things of God is better than having the whole whole follow you without a grain of positive and constructive impact leading to transformation. 

Thank you for reading.

A. Shadrack



IMG_20170318_081746We see and hear of great men of God falling for something silly enough to be avoided, and we wonder what the heck was wrong with them.

We see strong brothers or sisters in the Lord backslide and we wonder what got them off the chart!

We often find ourselves pulled down and defeated at times and we wonder how that could have happened to us considering how strong in faith we view ourselves.

The problem is not about how strong the devil is or how cunning his schemes are but often times, we as believers loose the battle because we UNDERESTIMATED or OVERESTIMATED the devil.

Every good army general will tell you that, the number one rule for warfare is to “know thy enemy.” Know thy enemy and yourself and you need not to fear the outcome of a 1000 battles. Know not your enemy nor yourself and you are doom to loose 1000 times out of 1000 battles.

The key to victory in warfare is to know who or what your are dealing with. Christians need not to FEAR the devil but we also need not to loose our GUARD!

Everything a believer need to know about the devil is made available in the Holy Bible. A book which provides the very things essential to the survival and salvation of the human race.


We ought to look critically at how we fight the battle against the devil, a foolish or arrogant behavior is a recipe for defeat. An underestimating or overestimating approach to the devil is another pitfall. A loosed guard or a don’t care is basically equal to signing your death warrant.



Starting in the SPIRIT,finishing in the FLESH _ mercy!!!

It is funny to hear Christians sing the chorus: I DON’T FEEL SAVED! And the correct question to be asked is whether Salvation is to be validated with our human senses?

Which Bible verse support sensual validation of your salvation? You are not supposed to FEEL saved. You only have to believe what the Bible says, never to seek sensual validations or whatsoever.

Most of us behave as DOUBTING THOMAS. We believe nothing until we see a prove. Sad but this shows how childish we are in our faith life. How can we claim to have faith when all we do is to see a sign before we believe?

What we are doing is, finishing in the flesh after when started in the spirit. Mary and Martha believed Jesus but only on the level of His physical presence. How sad!

It is also sad to know after reading the gospels that the very men who walked with Jesus Christ never believed the testimony of Mary Magdalene. They sought for prove therefore ran all the way to the tomb for validation. But weren’t this disciples the same people Christ told of His resurrection on the 3rd day?

What is it that makes us seek prove therefore making us walk in unbelief? Is it that we don’t think God is serious with His words? Is it that we think God’s words are insufficient for us? Is it that God has failed to comply with His side of the deal? Have we now turn to be masters of our own fate_ creators of our own destiny?

It’s time we start taking God at His word and believe He can do what He said He will do in His word than to seek proves before believing. Most of our unbelief is just a display of our ignorance of God’s promises for our lives.

God’s will is for you to be saved. He does not expect you to try and validate His Grace for your life with your senses. Stop trying to use your senses after God has worked soo hard for your salvation. YOU ARE SAVED_ stop seeking sensual validation.

– A.Shadrack